The World Through The Lens of My Eyes

When I look at the world through the lens of my eyes, there is a huge gap and resistance that lurks and is now spreading. The constraints of the city where I live, the call for immigration restrictions and its consequences especially technological changes have shifted our growth paths. The new wave of technology is a powerful agent of change since it can alter a city’s location advantage turning a bad location into a good one. Multiculturalism and diversity also has become an agent of change. Our personal beliefs and values, diverse perspectives including intolerance are challenges of a global setting. There is a need for a deep immersion within different cultures to understand their values and specific context. Knowing other cultures deeply can effectively link the dots between countries and highlight meaningful differences between cultures that impact and connect the world.

The global community has an enormous opportunity all the time specifically our generation compared to previous civilizations. For instance, enculturation or group identification is an avenue for individuals to accept the culture, norms and values of the society where they live. Hence, this calls for a more culturally congruent atmosphere when addressing social context. Every country has its own distinctive characteristics, history and political realities and as a result, access to institutions across the world is mandatory.

From my perspective, many countries do not have similar goals and frameworks that enhance global performance in terms of per capita income. For better, for worse, the disparity has generated low quality of life of citizens and impoverished some economies. Even though every county has diverse set of experiences, I believe the global community can reach similar targets and policies that deepen universal connection. Moreover, no country would argue against it. Instead, each economy should claim that its goal is to participate in a heavy global investment that supports international connection. All countries are linked by international trade and as we live in a global village, there is no modern example of a country that has shifted itself from world affairs and yet prospered. In light of this, one country cannot ever know it since the acceleration of our connected world and its dynamic complex system.

Equally notable is the overall freedom and a country’s standard of living. Greater freedom means greater performance. Freedom means diversity and mobility. People achieve higher income levels when the global world is barrier free. Both local and international barriers create distortion, bribery and extortion which eventually affect every part of our global system. Likewise, lack of integrity continues to impose high cost of illegal transactions in world market interaction.

In the same way, our lives are driven by fear that inhibits collaboration. Great by choice is a reminder of the strength of human spirit and the rewards come to those who are fearless and passionate.

All things considered, the opportunities and challenges of our connected world is an ongoing process and it plays a key role in our current relations. As a result, the ability to grow and minimize world trials in the years ahead depends on the size of the gap between economies. In essence, if the gap between the rich and poor is minimized, the bigger the room for long-run growth and sustainable global connection.

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